Produkt dodany do Twojego koszyka.


To whom it may concern. is an independent label and creative company out of Sweden, founded by audiovisual artist ionnalee as a tool to create and release her own projects freely without creative boundaries. TWIMC aims to release high-quality creations in a liberal, sustainable and functional way.
TWIMC is also the home of audiovisual project iamamiwhoami and other artists connected to it. all our releases and products are manufactured, released and distributed by To whom it may concern.


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we are working to find delivery solutions for Russia, and Latin America. please bare with us if there are no shipping options available at checkout.

for enquiries about orders placed before Oct 3, 2019, please contact us here.

we are not receiving demos at this time. we recommend you to start your own label instead, via distributors like TuneCore.

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