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announcing limited edition KRONOLOGI tees in honour of the 1-year anniversary of ionnalee & iamamiwhoami’s ‘KRONOLOGI’ mixtape album; released 1 year ago with alternative versions, demos, and unreleased songs. the album cover and each of the 12 singles were accompanied by signed watercolour paintings made by ionnalee in isolation.

ionnalee new single

announcing the limited edition vinyl and hand-written signed lyric sheets in honour of ionnalee’s new release, 'sommaren är min och jag kommer tillbaka’ (SE) and 'summer never ended the damage was all mine’ (EN).

iamamiwhoami; BLUE

announcing a fresh repressing of iamamiwhoami; BLUE (2014) LP/CD/DVD. new bundle includes 12 crystal clear vinyl with alternative artwork, DVD film, lyric booklet, audio CD, and digital download. limited edition reissue of 500 copies.


announcing ionnalee | iamamiwhoami KONSERT CD/DVD/LP. the 2020 online concert installation, performed live from a remote island in Sweden. featuring guest performances from Imogen Heap, Zola Jesus, TR/ST, Vander Von Odd, and others. KONSERT celebrated 10-years of ionnalee | iamamiwhoami and was watched by over one hundred thousand fans worldwide. the limited edition CD/DVD and moss green vinyl both include a behind the scenes imagery booklet with photos from Fjuk island.

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