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KRONOLOGI playlist

ionnalee introduces the KRONOLOGI playlist in celebration of the iamamiwhoami | ionnalee 10 year anniversary 2010-2020. throughout Spring came alternative versions, demos, and unreleased songs from iamamiwhoami, ionnalee, and Barbelle. each release comes with an accompanying watercolour painting, made and signed by ionnalee, available via TWIMC. soundtrack your isolation at

KRONOLOGI compilation album

this special physical edition includes the 12 KRONOLOGI singles alongside a booklet of each accompanying artwork made by ionnalee in isolation. comes with 24-bit WAV digital download. run limited to x500 copies.

anniversary reissues

limited edition reissues of each iamamiwhoami album; bounty, kin, and BLUE. this LP collection is in honour of iamamiwhoami and ionnalee’s 10-year anniversary during 2020.

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