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To whom it may concern.
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31 agosto 2020
  • Pacchetto:

    • Vinile, 1×LP – Includes 16-page artwork booklet

    • CD – Includes 28-page booklet

    • + MP3
    • + WAV / FLAC
    • + WAV (24-bit)

    Pubblicato: 14 agosto 2020

  • Vinile, 1×LP


    Includes 16-page artwork booklet

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    • + WAV (24-bit)


    1-pocket outer sleeve housing 140g 12" LP (33⅓ RPM) and 16pp artwork booklet

    Pubblicato: 4 settembre 2020
    Disponibile in magazzino, spedizione immediata.

  • CD


    Includes 28-page booklet

    Continua a leggere
    • + WAV (24-bit)


    2-pocket softpack housing audio CD and 28pp artwork booklet

    Pubblicato: 20 luglio 2020
    Disponibile in magazzino, spedizione immediata.

ionnalee introduces the KRONOLOGI playlist in celebration of the iamamiwhoami | ionnalee 10 year anniversary 2010-2020. throughout April 10 – June 10 will come alternate versions, demos, live edits, or unreleased songs from iamamiwhoami, ionnalee, or Barbelle. this special physical edition includes the 12 KRONOLOGI singles alongside a booklet of each accompanying artwork made by ionnalee in isolation. the original signed watercolour paintings for each track are available here as single editions, and the album cover is available here.

  • CD edition is an exclusive small run of x500 copies. includes 4-panel outer sleeve housing digital 12-track audio disc, 4.8inch 28pp artwork booklet, and 12-track digital 24-bit WAV download.
  • LP edition is exclusive small run of x500 copies. includes 2-panel outer sleeve housing 12-track 140g black 12" LP (33⅓ RPM), 12inch 16pp artwork booklet, and digital 12-track 24-bit WAV download. LP track lengths may differ slightly from the digital WAV version.
  • instant gratification allows customers to download singles as they're released digitally.

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 shadowshow iamamiwhoami 3:47 Acquista


  2. 2 u iamamiwhoami 4:38 Acquista


  3. 3 down by the lake ionnalee 4:06 Acquista

    down by the lake

  4. 4 telesvar iamamiwhoami 2:43 Acquista


  5. 5 long ; john iamamiwhoami 4:04 Acquista

    long ; john

  6. 6 mouth’s open sea ionnalee 3:58 Acquista

    mouth’s open sea

  7. 7 violent playground ionnalee 3:32 Acquista

    violent playground

  8. 8 summer samaritan ionnalee 4:47 Acquista

    summer samaritan

  9. 9 the deadlock iamamiwhoami 6:18 Acquista

    the deadlock

  10. 10 paramount ionnalee 4:00 Acquista


  11. 11 swallow ionnalee 4:37 Acquista


  12. 12 dive iamamiwhoami 6:25 Acquista



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