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To whom it may concern.
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29 Januar 2021
  • Bundle:

    Vorbestellen $76.00
    • Vinyl, 2×LP Translucent moss green vinyl

    • CD, CD + DVD Includes 24-page booklet

    • + WAV (24-bit)

    Verfügbar: 26 März 2021

  • Vinyl, 2×LP

    Vorbestellen $49.00

    Translucent moss green vinyl

    • + WAV (24-bit)


    1-pocket outer sleeve with spine housing double 140g 12″ LPs (45 RPM), and 12pp photo booklet. x500 limited edition translucent moss green double vinyl protected by polylined bags.

    Verfügbar: 26 März 2021

    Instant WAV 24bit download.

  • CD, CD + DVD

    Vorbestellen $39.00

    Includes 24-page booklet

    • + WAV (24-bit)


    3-pocket softpack housing audio CD, DVD film, and 24pp photo booklet.

    Instant WAV 24bit download.

ionnalee performed in KONSERT on Sep 2, 2020, live from Fjuk island in Sweden. the online concert was streamed for free with guest performances from Imogen Heap, Zola Jesus, TR/ST, Vander Von Odd, Tungorna, and others. KONSERT celebrated 10-years of ionnalee | iamamiwhoami and was watched by over one hundred thousand fans worldwide.

  • CD/DVD edition is an exclusive small run of x500 copies. includes 6-panel outer sleeve housing digital 13-track audio disc, 4.8inch 24pp artwork booklet, and 13-track digital 24-bit WAV download. running length subject to change.
  • LP edition is exclusive small run of x500 copies. includes 2-panel outer sleeve housing 13-track 140g translucent moss green 2×12″ LP (45 RPM), 12inch 12pp artwork booklet, and 13-track digital 24-bit WAV download. LP track lengths may differ slightly from the digital WAV version. running length subject to change.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 b iamamiwhoami
  2. 2 o iamamiwhoami
  3. 3 u iamamiwhoami
  4. 4 y iamamiwhoami
  5. 5 ; john iamamiwhoami
  6. 6 sever iamamiwhoami
  7. 7 play iamamiwhoami
  8. 8 samaritan ionnalee
  9. 9 simmer down ionnalee
  10. 10 fountain iamamiwhoami
  11. 11 matters ionnalee
  12. 12 remember the future ionnalee
  13. 13 machinee ionnalee


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